Summer has officially begun but that doesn’t mean we can’t still crochet!!! I don’t know what it is about summer, but there is always so much to do, and just as I get into the swing of it, the solstice arrives, and the days begin to grow shorter; bit by bit, the available minutes of daylight begin to wane, and while I would love to ruminate on this fact a bit more, there is no time.

I know that this summer will - as all my summers have - go by too fast, but I am ready, hook in hand for whatever lies ahead.

Where I live, sometimes it doesn’t take long for the weather to really heat up. Now that we’re coming up on July, the heat is really turning up and it’s going to be stifling hot for the next few months whether I like it or not. Which means crocheting more sweaters may have to wait until my thighs stop sticking to my dining room chairs. So I’ve decided to look into some more season-appropriate crochet items. There are lots of crochet clothing patterns that can be worn on even the hottest of summer days!

You can try your hand at making cover-ups for the pool or the beach. With some cool-colored and lightweight yarn in hand, you won’t get sand in your clothes ever again.

Or maybe you have a lot of spare yarn lying around? Why not make some barefoot sandals? They’re a great stash-buster and are very easy to make. They also make a good nighttime beach walk companion, because they let you really enjoy the sand between your toes.

These patterns are light, airy and 100% comfortable to wear in the blazing sun, and this is just a few of my favorites.

Tired of winter and even spring, ready to welcome summer on? Summer reminds me of holidays and family, relaxing with friends, but a much less busy time of year. What better way to make sure you change your mind-set to summer than to add some summery touches to your home decor. You can still crochet that afghan by making some squares that are easy to hold so you aren’t holding an entire blanket on top of you. Try some coasters or maybe even a little amigurumi toy for the kids to play with. Here are a couple of my favorites.

From ring bearer pillows to flower girl baskets, the list of wedding crochet ideas has it all. Find your favorite and make your ceremony extra special and meaningful.

Wedding crochet patterns are not only stunning but also everlasting. While other bouquets will wilt, perhaps even in the middle of the reception, a crocheted wedding bouquet is here to stay. Once the big day is over, you can incorporate the crocheted flower arrangements into your new-home decor. This bouquet is just stunning.

Your rings are such an important symbol of the unity created on your wedding day. Cushion them in a beautiful way by using the Soft Doily Crochet Pillow Pattern to work up a gorgeous keepsake. This darling ring bearer pillow is the perfect wedding gift to give to the happy couple ahead of time to get them ready for the big day. Choose a yarn color to match the wedding scheme, and this sweet detail will fit right in. Perfect for vintage weddings, this DIY wedding project is a classic.

Crocheting isn’t meant to be a cool-weather-only craft. There’s really no limit to what you can create with some lightweight yarn and a few sturdy hooks. Yarn crafts have no season and these fabulous favorites will prove it!

Here's to a great summer!