«««««« – Melanie Strauser - Ontario, Canada 

I got a picture graph from Cuddle Up Creations and I have to say that this was really a challenge for me even with all the years I have been crocheting. The customer service was just wonderful as they truly went above and beyond to help me learn how to work this project. All I can say is thank you Kerrissa – you are so fun to work with and I am hooked on these patterns for sure.

«««««« – Bette Jo Weilmuenster Field 

Customer service ROCKS!!! love the patterns easy to follow.

«««««« – Destiny 

I ordered a custom made Jeff Gordon afghan from Cuddle Up Creations and the blanket turned out AMAZING. They were considerate and made sure it was here on time for Valentine’s Day. I will be ordering more of these!

«««««« – Mona Olsen - Trondheim, Norway 

I love your patterns.

«««««« – Dani C. Millesicki - Carson City, NV 

I don’t even know where to start….I have bought $3.00 patterns and I have bought $50.00 ++ patterns from CUC and the quality is the same no matter what the price. The graph patterns are not only easy to follow they are clear, right down to the last pixel unlike a lot of graphs out there on the market. I am so happy I found Cuddle Up Creations.  I think that I have over a thousand patterns in my wish list so I hope I live long enough to get the all. Thank you to Kerrissa and Jamie for being so supportive and helpful.  You guys are the best!!!!!

«««««« – Karan G. 

I love the fact that you have the option to buy the row by row instructions. Counting those little squares even on the bigger graph pages is hard for some of us.

«««««« – Bre Clancy 

The custom hand made afghans are the best gifts ever. All have been Adorable! I have purchased many, many custom afghans from CuddleUpCreations, they have all been a real hit at baby showers. This one will be an amazing auction item for Make-A-Wish! TY, TY, TY :)

«««««« – Bessie Crollins - Ohio 

I love your graph patterns – over the years I have bought a lot of them and they are the best patterns I have found.  The patterns can be used for just about anything as I have used some for crocheting and others for knitting and beading.  Cuddle Up is my go to site for patterns!!!

«««««« – Eva Huntridge - Denver, Colorado 

5 +++++ I can’t say enough about your beautiful patterns.  I love the way they turn out and I have used many different stitches.  Everyone loves the finished products and I couldn’t have done it without your lovely graphs.

«««««« – Steven Wesstinger - San Francisco, CA 

I have purchased many custom patterns from Cuddle Up Creations and they are perfect. You guys have been the best and always there if I needed help. I cannot thank you enough. God Bless you for always being available to answer my questions and figure out what I have done or how I missed a stitch. LOL

«««««« – Mia 

I am so happy that I found Cuddle Up Creations website because crocheting is my life. I have bought patterns right from the store and I have had custom patterns made for me. They all turn out great – and if you need help they are always here to help you – I think they stayed on the phone with me for a half hour one time helping me plan an afghan project. Love your store to pieces!!!!

«««««« – Olivia Jenkins - Pittsburg, PA 

I just started working on a Baby Jungle Animals afghan pattern and I have to say that this is an advanced pattern for me. I got all of my questions answered on the phone and that evening Kerrissa even called me to see if I needed any help. I just can’t believe how sweet and helpful she is not to mention the beautiful patterns she makes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

«««««« – D. Scharron 

It was a high quality beautiful blanket. Well worth the wait.

«««««« – Kathy Goodrich - Great Falls, Montana 

I love Cuddle Up Creations Graphs. The graphs are easy to follow. They come with suggested yarn colors. They ( Cuddle Up Creations)will even make a graph from a photo for you , I have used their graphs a lot and have always been Happy with the end result.. I will continue to do business with them . . . Two Thumbs Up!

«««««« – Maryann Whalen - Florida 

Finally!  Afghan kits and patterns that challenge my creativity!  I love to do both crochet and cross-stitch, and because of Cuddle-Up Creations I can combine them both to make beautiful throws!  I've gotten so many compliments from friends and family, no one believes that I actually made these by hand!  I'm really happy with the customer service, the variety of kits and patterns, and the speedy deliveries of orders.  Any type of afghan I want to make, Cuddle-Up Creations has a pattern for it...right down to my favorite teams!  I have to admit, I'm addicted!  I highly recommend anyone who loves crochet and a challenge to give Cuddle-Up Creations a try...you won't regret it!

«««««« – Bre Clancy 

I just got a Olaf hand made afghan that you made for me. This has to be the cutest thing I have ever bought! Thank you, it will make a wonderful shower gift :):):)

«««««« – Darlene Harbour 

I asked about a pattern and I am so excited about the new pattern. Can't wait to complete this project. Great customer service as always. Thanks.

«««««« – Nita Kaye Whitson - Memphis 

I love these easy to do graphs. Lot’s of variety to choose. I will be use Cuddle Up Creations as my go to in the future.

«««««« – Melissa McFaddin 

5 out of 5 stars

«««««« – Carola Gazi 

I love the afghan, I am sure that my Grandson will love the afghan also. Thank you for making this for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

«««««« – Lindsey Brown - Huntsville, TX 

I purchased a kit and I am so over the top happy with what I received. Not only did I get way more yarn than the project called for they also include row by row instructions with the chart so you don’t have to do any counting.  I called to let them know that I had so much extra yarn and they told me they do this on every kit because they don’t want anyone to run out of yarn for the project they are making and because you can use so many different stitches they include enough yarn for stitch that takes the most. Superbly Packaged. – And yes my finished afghan was gorgeous!!!!

«««««« – Cat Taylor Willoughby - Mansfield, TX 

They have the most amazing patterns and can create whatever you can imagine!

«««««« – Anonymous 

My crochet kit arrived quickly, spoke with representative on phone for payment and she was so nice and cheerful to talk with – she even made sure I understood how to do color changes.  This was such a pleasant company to deal with – I will defiantly buy again.

«««««« – Anonymous 

I am so happy with this John Deere afghan that cuddle up creations made for me. It only took a few weeks for them to make – the packaging was beautifully done and my husband absolutely loves it.

«««««« – Anonymous

This is such a gorgeous blanket. Beautifully made. Arrived well packed. A great seller - highly recommended! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

«««««« – Anonymous

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Great pattern and charts.

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Excellent quality yarn and colors.